Sunday, 7 January 2018


(Big Job Draw*)

Victims will need to hear and see the names appear -
Of racketeers - of those who planned to profiteer, 
Dreamt of public debt, and commandeered a future drear. 
Audacity to admire, and to condemn with tear.

Name all of those involved in The Lootery Cabal,
And sycophants in thrall, that enabled Muskrat Falls:
Director, shareholder, contractors large and small, 
In Government, Crown Corp., Union, City Hall, 
Minister, Deputy, Assistant, lawyer at call - 
Vast salaries, pensions, big bonuses windfall - 
Can all to hotter climes, to toast with heist recall.  

Secretaries, nurses, labour living day to day 
To inherit debt - more taxes - Big Job Draw* to pay, 
And to shoulder brunt of cuts that must come into play. 
The needs of the needy, expect to hear: “May Day”  

When interest rates increase, if price of oil in fall
Then the ability to borrow, soon to hit the wall, 
When cash shortfall looms to force a margin call, 
It’s the poor that’s sure to suffer - misery to befall. 

John Tuach
December 28, 2017 

* Ray Guy: “long may your big job draw”

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