Monday, 25 May 2015


Thanks to so many people on Facebook and Twitter for sharing Saturday's Post: THE PHOTOS NALCOR DON'T WANT YOU TO SEE

Within the last 48 hours more than 8,000 readers have read the Blog Post, a stunning number because, it vastly outnumbered the popular Uncle Gnarley Blog Posts issued during DARKNL.

The pictures of virtually brand new structural steel being hauled away as scrap, after Nalcor failed to have the Dome built to speed construction last winter, are just one visual manifestation of Nalcor incompetence.  There are many others.  

Think of the hundreds of millions of dollars of work awarded without public tender! Think of the additional cost given the project is horribly off schedule.

Why would so many people be both interested and alarmed? This is a consequence of the secrecy and obfuscation that had insulated the Muskrat Falls project from day one. This is what happens when democratically elected politicians fail to perform their duty, when they cower before unelected bureaucrats masquerading as business mandarins, at great public expense.

These are monies you will have to pay back from your taxes, from your tuition fees, and a host of other "hits" to your pocketbook which the recent Budget initiated.

 Slowly, I believe, people are coming to grips with the fact that billions of dollars ($730 million this year alone not counting the $5 billion raised under the Federal Loan Guarantee or contributions made in prior Budgets) are debts they will be stuck with. 

The Nalcor CEO feels no obligation to transparency on any level, no obligation to mirror the basic requirements of the Public Tender Act, no requirement to answer to the public, who are funding this fiasco.

Some call it the "Dome of Doom"; it is a fitting description of the $120 million (plus) covering that is now being dismantled before it is even completed.  

Folks, this waste must come to an end. This is going to hurt you on a monumental scale as the costs are tallied over the next couple of years.
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It will continue as long as Nalcor is allowed to remain out of control; out of reach of objectively independent oversight. Secrecy and mismanagement have been allowed to obscure huge waste and cost overruns on the Muskrat Falls project.

People are becoming increasingly concerned. The public are beginning to realize this Muskrat is not what was promised.

Uncle Gnarley Blog, helped by the Blog's Guest contributors, will continue illuminate the "goings on" at Muskrat regardless of the politicians and bureaucrats it may offend. 

Frankly, we have not been served well by our politicians who have the authority and responsibility to deal with Muskrat Falls and with the mismanagement at Nalcor.

Keep in mind that the Oversight Committee composed of Deputy Ministers is completely ineffective. It is not independent.  It is protecting the government not the public interest.

The public has to become involved in the Muskrat Falls problem themselves. 

This government will not lift a finger to protect you.

So, please, keep sharing.  Because it is important.

Soon people will connect the fact their taxes are going up, just as students will
soon relates the increase in tuition fees, not only with a drop in the price of oil or with dreadful government decision-making. Soon they will come to realize that Muskrat has been a sinkhole for public money and that the waste is far from over.

When I was in University, students helped get rid of Joey Smallwood for exactly the kind of behaviour and offensive public administration on offer right now.  

Students and the public, generally, need to come together to rid ourselves of this new blight upon Newfoundland and Labrador society, and its long term economic well being.

You need to know Muskrat is far worse than anything Smallwood attempted and he did some pretty crazy stuff.

Only by more people knowing the truth can we shut Nalcor down. If we don't deal with Nalcor now, the cost will get bigger than what we can afford; they may already have.

So, yes, please keep sharing and tweeting! 

We need the public to deal with Nalcor, with Muskrat Falls, and with Premier Davis before it is too late.


  1. Mr. Sullivan, have we passed the point of no return or is it better to have one hand and one leg chopped off now in order to save the patient?

    The abysmal failure of our elected politicians in this debacle goes well beyond any scheme ever devised by Mr. Smallwood or the now-infamous but puny political event known as "the Sprung Greenhouse" caper. This singular event is, by far, going to be more devastating than the Upper Churchill deal…and we all know and grieve over that situation.

    Muskrat Falls is a colossal blunder that we allowed the minions of the intellectually bankrupt PC administration of Danny Williams foisted upon us….Williams was the architect of this path to fiscal destruction and his weak followers failed to get their heads out of the sand and stand up for the province's future. Instead, with his nudging, they stole the future from generations to come and condemned this place to have not status for decades.

    I hope people do finally wake up and start to demand answers but it is not easy to change one's mind when so many of the populace looked upon Danny as a saviour for so many years.

  2. The provincial government is throwing money at Nalcor in hopes the crown corporation knows what it is doing. Nalcor in turn is throwing money all over the place seeking a miracle due to their inexperience and mismanagement.

    Davis and his party are on the way out, Ball is saying very little on anything because he has been advised this is the best approach given the circumstances.

    This province is in trouble, you can choose to call it a cliff, recession, or whatever fancy word that suits the intended spin one is going for.

    Time to get this Government and Nalcor under control

  3. This morning, Gilbert Bennett stated firmly on a VOCM interview that Astaldi is a free-range beast & can run the Project off the rails & waste as much money as they wish & NALCOR won't sanction, intervene, or even wag a corporate finger at them. Apparently it is not up to NALCOR to Project Manage the project?? Evidently the viewpoint of NALCOR is "we are paying the inmates to run the asylum & they can run it however they wish?"