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Monday 24 August 2020


How Andrew Furey let his "funny-bone" get the better of him

Likely Andrew Furey understood the dearth of talent that comprises the Liberal Caucus long before last Wednesday’s Cabinet making. Adding to the difficulty Perry Trimper’s indiscretion towards the Native People required the absolution of another election win, while the Ph.D toting Scott Reid is far too intelligent to handle matters Departmental.

It was wise to clear “the debt is manageable” Tom Osborne from Finance; it was confusing for him to be surrounded by so many zeros.  But who thought that Siobhan Coady’s talents would be Furey’s rare find?

I had feared that Andrew might have filled the all-important Finance portfolio first. Such untimeliness might have resulted in Finance Minister Elvis Loveless, though this public does not need reminding of his gyrating namesake or that, in NL, every other day brings the expectation that “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town”.

Luckily, Furey waited until after placing Bragg, Bennett and Loveless. When he was finished with Coady, he must have felt like Jesus on the seventh day.

Monday 10 August 2020


If there is a single question that has been uttered by observers of the Liberal Leadership race in reaction to Andrew Furey’s decision to trade in his medical career for the Office of Premier, it is this: What was he thinking?

The query, of course, is less a commentary on his mental state than it is on the nearly impossible task many rightfully perceive awaits him.

At the outset, Dr. Furey should know that we congratulate him, wish him well and hope that, rather than possessing any claim to “visionary” status, he simply puts province ahead of partisanship, offers a fresh perspective on the way government relates to the citizenry, and brings courage as well as new energy to the Office of Premier.   

As much as some may wish it, Furey should not be expected to be a miracle worker. We are all to blame for what has occurred; if the miracle isn’t in us (mostly), we are in really deep trouble.