Thursday, 28 January 2016


JM’s Budget Colloquy comprises a series of Posts which ran during the summer, 2015. The Colloquy traces the origins of the Province’s current fiscal crisis and offers suggestions as to how we might address a situation threatening our society’s economic viability.

Using a decade of Budget data, readers are treated to an explanation of the exigencies of our financial woes through careful explanation, graphs, and exhibits.  The “numbers” are digested in a way intended to assist the lay person to comprehend what is often an obscure and arcane subject.

The seven "summer" Posts have been combined with JM’s two most recent; giving both preface and postscript to this extraordinary work. The title “A Decade of Squandered Opportunity” serves as a warning, as much as conclusion.

While the Budget Colloquy offers solid economic research and analysis it has a political context, too. In particular, JM identifies the economic debacle as the real legacy of the Danny Williams’ era. His insights have the benefit of one conflicted neither by partisanship nor position.  In this Province, that is truly a rare find. - Des Sullivan


  1. Just skimmed through this long read. Excellent analysis. Will need to read the full piece again. A must read for anyone with concern of where our province is headed with our higt debt load. As one long interested in the hardships of our Depression era of the 1930s, and how it came about, and how our ancestors survived on the `dole`, this is clearly not a time to avoid taking this matter of increasing high debt lightly.
    Winston Adams Logy Bay

  2. When people can't bring themselves to sign their name to something, that obvious gutlessness makes me suspicious