Thursday, 7 May 2020


(Fish and Berries)

The fisher’s catch to feed our breed
With private sales, no markup greed.
Local goods to move to fore:
Poultry, pigs, sheep and more,
Veggie-plots to produce grow,
Simple ways for food to flow.

The just-in-time, the five-day-ply,
No security in food supply.
Shutter stores - the mega-brand -
That wed us to the factory farm,
That sends our cash to distant lands
To sate stock market sleight of hand.

A crowd that feasts on fish and berries
Should not want from empty ferries,
Encourage folks to grow their own
And store and salt, and bottle down:
Restore our self-sufficiency
To protect the remote reality.

John Tuach
Pynn’s Brook
May 04, 2020