Friday, 25 September 2020


(Black Horse to the Fore)

Locusts and floods
For shortage of foods
Reported on page twenty-four.
Those won't make front page
Till kids of young age
Have bones sticking out of their skin -
A picture for readers to skim.

Starvation and death
Widespread with poor health,
Aid will be little or none.
Tears as the moms
Hold their dying young kids -
More photos for viewers of ribs.

Corruption and graft
Give common man shaft
In countries with plague and with famine.
The wars, the dead, people unfed
Through rulers that worship God Mammon - For stories on theft to be read.

Hungry in need of nourishing feed
Denied by avarice and greed.
Bread-lines in First World
As Covid’s unfurled
Suggests millions to starve -
A story that surely unnerves.

John Tuach
September 14, 2020