Sunday, 4 March 2018


(Come Home... Please!)

The Province and MUN is hosting little chats
in the hopes of luring Expat’s and Alumni back -
seeking extra revenues for interest on the bonds,
and to gain from their experiences in the bigger Ponds.

Surveying to find why Pats fled in want attack!
Why-survey costs to save: well-paid work, a lack.
NL jobs are scarce and most in Pol’s embrace,
folks wouldn’t have to leave if opportunity the case.

—- Come home ... Please! For the flighty projects grand,
with management and moose, we’re overmanned.
Few careers to entice a return to Province nice,
but an ‘Uncle’ on committee adds some spice.

Where the treasury’s beset, your kids inherit debt,
and taxes, and the bills, a source of huge regret.
Where potholes bust the tires, produce oft expired,
and high gas and living costs sure to leave you mired. —-

Bored of up-along? Come back to Newfoundland
where family and friends will often lend a hand,
-- (free scenery and fresh air!) —
but lifestyles of the past, are now in theatre cast,
and it’s unlikely that big service spend to last.

John Tuach
28 February, 2018