Friday, 20 June 2014


The P.C. Party’s Convention Committee has backed away from plans to use the “Delegate List” chosen for the recent Leadership Contest. The Committee has issued orders to start over.  

A new Leadership Race became necessary when Frank Coleman stepped aside this week, having become the Premier Designate when Bill Barry dropped out.  The new delegate selection process will run from July 14 to August 14, 2014.  Nominations for leader will open on Monday, June 23 and run until July 7, 2014.  The PC Party will now elect a new leader on the weekend of September 12th and 13th.

Some Party insiders were irate that candidates running in the new leadership contest might have to be chosen by delegates selected for Frank Coleman. It seems Party members, elected to the Executive of District Associations during the same meetings, will keep their positions.   It is too early to say if their status will still be a bone of contention by candidates entering the new contest.

The announcement suggests some powerful members on the Convention Committee have retreated, at least somewhat, from a position thought to favour any Candidate supported by former Premier Danny Williams.   

An obviously chastened Williams stated, today, he will not be involved.  Natural Resources Minister Derrick Dalley, and close associate of Williams’, has also announced he will not run. 

Evidently, Williams has gotten the message that P.C. Party supporters and the public are not amused with his meddling in the Party’s leadership apparatus.  He is associated with arbitrarily picking Kathy Dunderdale.

He is also thought to have arranged a “fix” with the Caucus in support of Frank Coleman.  Bill Barry quit the Race when no Caucus Member would publicly support him. 

Danny Williams says he is going fishing, that he won’t be dragged into the Contest.   

It is too early for this Blogger to draw any conclusions regarding Danny’s intentions.  Just possibly he has gotten the message his prior antics resulted in poor leadership choices which have helped devastate his Party's standing in the Polls.  

His very public role in the Virginia Waters by-election hurt, according to some Tory insiders, rather than helped Danny Breen.  

John Ottenheimer says he is in.  Steve Kent is talking a lot about it.  But the new name getting attention is former RNC Officer and current Tory Cabinet Minister, Paul Davis.

Stay tuned.