Thursday, 26 November 2020


 The Waiting Room

She coughs and sneezes - virus strews,
Says got it from the jab for flu?
As patients patiently wait
For doctor- or procedure-date.

Her story’s but a tale of woe,
She catches all that’s on the go,
Waiting room’s a second home
For her and family-ills to moan.

Interrogates the crowd that’s sot,
Where they’re from, what they got,
Who lives with who, who’s apart?
“We’re distant cousins!!?” Who’s depart?

If weren’t ill when they came in,
Chances are they’ll proclaim:
“Caught it in the waiting room,”
As missus shared the virus plume.

You’d think ‘The Powers,’ to prove some wit, 
Would push us through as fast as fit - 
To keep contagions from the crowd 
That in the waiting rooms are cowed. 

The cold or covid could dispose!
How diagnosed?
How came she in the door?
To cause unease on clinic floor.

John Tuach
November 18, 2020