Thursday, 24 December 2020



The Amazon and Walmart dolls
Leave the world with plastic sprawls -
The moulded plastic, cents at most,
Tens of dollars on-sale boast.
The moola pours to big-box stores
And corporate profits soar.
Jesus and the Easter Bunny,
Jingle bells, send plastic money
To landfills full of plastic waste.

Around the world the masses crave
Toys and trinkets as self-enslave,
Essential goods for cash to glean:
Plastic pumpkins at Halloween,
Nativity scenes, three Kings from East,
Bring Plastic Jesus to the feast.
A briefest flaunt and then dismay
As gales dispose in wavey fray
To landfills full of plastic waste.

Governments fund the people-wish
With big displays of plastic kitsch,
And fireworks’ money up in smoke
The crowd to view and cheer and stoke,
And Santa Claus the current Creed;
A religion born in commerce greed,

With money better sent to feed
The unemployed, and those in need
Than landfills full of plastic waste. 

John Tuach
December 15, 2020