Sunday, 18 February 2018



They're filling in along the shore,
On mudflat, bog, and gravel bar.
At riverside and through the Bay
No buffer zones enforced today.

In many towns Municipal
In Provincial Parks or Federal
The excavators and big trucks
On Preserves are dumping muck.
Land levelled past the water line,
With, gravel, soil, and rocky berm.
At Bonne Bay, or in Codroy Cove,
On wetland, water, the dirt is hove.

Structures placed by sea and pond:
Houses, sheds, wharves, beyond.
To brace the view and winter winds
That raise the heat bills to unkind.

Once, were castles built on hill
For defence, or view-the-mill.
Now, they sprawl across the tide
To access scene; show house pride.

Vanity that impairs the coast?
To shelter pleasure boats a boast!
No public right-of-way enjoyed,
And wildlife habitat destroyed.

Has Tourism OK’d new view,
Or Fisheries the coastal strew?
Environment effects assessed?
Storm and tidal flood ingress?

Were permits got for work before?
Were regulations all ignored?
What's the point of Governments?
If toothless time on paper spent.

The Common Good is being seized:
The access asset, the public ease.
Those fillers-in should restore
High-water lines as were before.

John Tuach
February 08, 2018

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  1. The lines:
    To brace the view and winter winds
    That raise the heat bills to unkind

    As the Bard has composed a piece on attic mounted mini-split, and last night being the coldest in St John's this year, reaching -14C (actually -13.6). this is monitoring results from last night, 1000 sq ft heated to 22 C.
    The unit is rated for 1575 watts, so the percentage shows the amount of loading, and suggests that -20C would not be a problem

    1am......840 watts .....-13.6C........53 %....wind 11mph
    4am......1000 watts.....-13.1C........63 %
    6am......1350 watts.....-12.8C........86 % wind 22mph
    8am......1050 watts.....-11.4C........67 %
    10am......680 watts.....-9.3C.........43 % wind 9mph

    The 86 percent loading includes a defrost cycle, only 1 defrost all night, but also notice the wind had doubled, and impacted the increase.
    The 43 percent reflects the improved efficiency from solar gain into the attic this morning.
    Power used for heat from midnight to 2pm today is 13.14 kwh, so $1.31 if rates are 10 cent per kwh.
    An old house from the 1960s would have about 10,000 watts of electric heatcapacity (10 watts per sq ft). This house was built in 1987, but had upgrades, and in 2010, a minisplit........handling this weather with less than 1500 watts input, do less than 1.5 watts per sq ft.
    The wind increase during the night added about 20 percent to the load.
    "Winter winds that raise the heat bills to unkind"
    As Liberty pointed out, Hydro's Nostradamus software did not allow for extreme winds effect on electric baseboard heating, (part of DARK NL lessons). And does Nfld Power care? Not their problem they say, as Nfld Hydro uses Nostradamus, not Nfld power! Finger pointing?
    Winston Adams