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Wednesday 7 August 2013


For the next couple of days I will be fishing in Labrador, on the large, beautiful and bountiful Eagle River. 

I won’t stop in at Muskrat Falls, this time.  Usually, I hike down over the North Spur and sit on a large boulder, conveniently situated on the embankment. I like to witness and feel the majesty of the Falls.  Its wonderment is indescribable. 

What strikes the visitor is not just Muskrat's size or the constancy of its thunder; the vibrations which are conveyed through rock, sand and mud, are telegraphic, seemingly sending a titanic warning of the River’s unspeakable power. 
To a businessperson, especially one who assesses risk and reward differently than does the Board of Nalcor, the latter using funds that are not their own, the permanent damage to ‘Grand River’ cannot be ignored.  Even one, whose secular preoccupations leave little room for spirituality, cannot possibly be satisfied just to calculate the Falls’ megawatt capacity.  What, in the end, will be the cost of needlessly offending the spirit of something so majestic when other, less costly options, were available?  Likely, it will be greater than the pain of impossible economics.

Uncle Gnarley will be on ‘the Eagle’, too, as will Nav. We will sample a wee dram or a couple, from the ‘Highlands’.  We will argue over the ‘nose’ and ‘body’ of each one; its ‘palate’ and ‘finish’.  Which spice is predominant?  Is the peaty flavor overdone? 

Undoubtedly, we will compare notes, on current politics, argue passionately over the future of the Province, over bad Government, an inadequate Opposition and a media preoccupied with pot holes and road kill.

As Uncle Gnarley builds ‘a head of steam’ over the god awful toll Nova Scotia will extract from Premier Dunderdale and Nalcor CEO Ed Martin, following the UARB decision, Nav will yank his chain and pay a terrible price for his feigned insouciance .

The fisherman’s incantation: “never let fish get in the way of a good fishing trip”, will certainly take the pressure off one unpracticed, with the fly.

I’m sure you won’t mind if I tell Uncle Gnarley you wish him ‘tight lines’.

All that said, the commentary on my most recent Post, JUST DON'T TELL THE NEWFOUNDLANDERS is exceptional.  The comments include those of a professional who has studied the Muskrat Falls Project intimately, including all the Submissions, by Nalcor and the Interveners, to our PUB.  That he prefers to remain anonymous should not deter you; his analysis is thoughtful and evidence based.   Indeed, it is essential reading for all who are worried about the excessive risk assumed by the Dunderdale Government, on our behalf, and who doubt that the rationale for the Project is anything but a convenience to satisfy an over-hyped former Premier and some people at Nalcor.   

My next Post will be filed Monday, August 12th.
-          Des Sullivan