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Monday 28 August 2017



Offshore mills!  The wind is strong:
A grandiose scheme, beat the gong.
Beothuk sings a heady song 
To let power flow To let  flow to Up-along? 

Think Muskrat Falls a precedent,  
A template for a cost-ascent
That promises our discontent 
As heat bills to the heavens sent.  

Wind power widely subsidized: 
Rates are low, cost high-sized.
Many projects ill-advised, 
Markets often un-realized. 

To fill Brakes Cove, what's the need? 
There's lots of wharf, and land in weed
Sees little use, that could be freed
To development if must proceed. 

For short-term jobs, the mayors bray:
Assemble mills in filled-in Bay.
The public signed for cost to pay?
To facilitate power give-away.

That old hype pattern on project moot. 
We can't afford the bill to foot -
The peoples bill! Who gives a hoot? - 
- Demand a stop to our cash input. 

John Tuach
Pynn's Brook
August 18, 2017