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Saturday, 18 November 2017



By John Tuach

“Develop or Perish!” - Smallwood.

A former ‘Main Man’ steering ship?
The files will have a familiar flip:
Churchill River hydro mill -
Cash for Provincial coffers fill!

Offshore oil, mines, forestry,
Energy, and fish - all travesty!
Industrial avarice in major plays,
Who abets the give-aways?

Power to run the metal mines,
Windmill spins atop the Barrens,
Making pellets - a money burn,
Old projects, each in turn.

An alternate agenda is a toot:
Prolong the Muskrat money loot
To obfuscate some other theft -
And perished public more bereft.

And some suggest conspiracy:
Plunder planned (a resource spree?)
A Nalcor asset fire-sale feast
When entrails stirred of Muskrat beast.

Did ‘Canada’ steer the scam?
To issue bonds to build the dam,
To grab a slab of finance loot,
Perchance a numbers game afoot.

Is there ‘The Man’ for subterfuges?
(The latter crowds only stooges).
That sat around at Federal tables,
Investment lucre now enables.

Media manipulator extraordinaire,
To move and shake the political air.
Knows the people (to burn) too green -
A puppet-master behind the scene?

October 30, 2017