Sunday, 14 January 2018


(No Point Plan)

Empty schools, keep them open,
Ferry service, keep them hoping.
Muskrat Falls, no power aspire,
And can’t allow a full Inquire.
Smile and grin and don’t perspire.
Keep on spending borrowed cash,
On payroll, pensions, programs vast.
With silence seal unseemly deal,
An undertow with gris surreal.
Not a word on corporate steal.

Shut up, and do not breathe,
Do nothing, lest the people seethe.
Don’t admit and don’t explain,
And treat the public with disdain.
Hope and pray that oil will gain.

John Tuach
December 06, 2017

1 comment:

  1. My schooling in the 50s and 60s honoured our Nfld poet Pratt. I once, in Grade 9, had a one page essay posted, by my teacher Hancock ( who may have went on as a professor at MUN?) in our class as an example of a good piece. Poetry nor writing showed promise for me.
    Some great poets wrote about the evils of WWI, that get little attention here,where, it seems to me, the pro war "In Flanders Field" is largely the lone piece of poetry from the Great War taught to school children here, and as we now wind down in 2018 the 100th year commemoration or celebration of the end of WW1.
    I much enjoy the cleaver pieces by this bard, and yet which attracts little comment. At MUN, I had problems with subjects like literature and English, but did good in science and math, which led me to engineering, and and a 4.5 year stint with Nfld Hydro, the well run company that, under Danny Williams got swallowed by Nalcor.
    So, maybe my concept of cleaver writing of verse and poetry is out of step with others who fail to comment on these pieces.
    Can others do better? Are there more bards hidden in our outports, or even in Sin Johns's?
    Winston Adams