Sunday, 6 July 2014


Cabot Martin, lawyer, the former senior advisor to several Premiers, and Muskrat Falls critic, has just published a new book entitled “Muskrat Madness”.   

The book is self-published and available at Afterwords Bookstore, 245 Duckworth Street, St. John’s for $16.95.

Martin is a prominent spokesperson on the perils of the “Quick Clay” instability problem at the ‘North Spur’; a point of land that extends into the Churchill River forming a natural damn structure on which the Muskrat Falls hydro project relies. 

He has researched the issue extensively compiling a variety of technical studies conducted since the 1960s, offering an analysis of the problem, its threat to the geological integrity of the Muskrat Falls project and the dangers to residents downstream in Goose Bay and Mud Lake. 

While the issue of “Quick Clay” is a major preoccupation, “Muskrat Madness” engages in a much larger overview of the Muskrat Falls project providing keen perspective on the history of the project and an intelligent analysis of the many technical, market and financial risks Nalcor ignored in order to obtain project sanction. 

Readers wondering if basic regulatory oversight has been given the project by our own Department of Environment and Conservation might begin at Chapter 17. 

“Muskrat Madness” is about hope and despair. It will invoke serious questions about this Province's future.  It is truly a fine read.

Finally, this won’t be my last word on Cabot Martin's Book.  I want to give it an in depth review soon.  Martin says of Muskrat Falls: “it is not too late to stop the madness”.

Martin is right.

Not only is Muskrat Falls a product of faulty political leadership and a lack of oversight of our uncontrolled energy agency, my regular Monday Post will offer photographic proof there’s little going on at Muskrat, anyway.  Nalcor is spending a lot of public money with little to show in return.  

If there are readers still around who studied Latin, you may wish to become familiar, again, with the phrase “Res Ipsa Loquitur”.

Meanwhile pop down to Afterwords, on Duckworth Street, and pick up your copy of "Muskrat Madness".  Your hammock beckons.  

See you tomorrow.