Thursday, 29 September 2016


Full Report Supply Issues and Power Outgages.....Phase One Report September 29, 2016
It is rare that any Report conducted by Government, or any its Agencies, is so straightforward that it requires no interpretation or commentary. The Public Utilities Board has just released its FINAL Phase One Report on what led to the outages - now inscribed in history as #DARKNL - and who is responsible. This Blog has frequently reported on the PUB's work as well as on the Reports of The Liberty Consulting Group - the PUB's Consultant. I have reprinted the Board's short conclusion here and I have added a very brief note at the end. It is truly an eye-opener as to how poorly "state-owned enterprises" (SOES) like Nalcor, of which NL Hydro is  a subsidiary, are run.  

Here is the PUB's PHASE 1 Conclusion: - Des Sullivan

One Final Comment:

When a Board, like the Public Utilities Board, does a good job the fact should be recognized. The PUB's fine work has been proven through in its handling of the investigations surrounding #DARKNL. In addition, under great pressure from the Government to do otherwise, the Board refused to endorse the Muskrat Falls project - a decision the public can now only begin to appreciate as the cost of the project continues to climb. As a reminder, this is what the PUB stated in its Report at that time:

The Board concludes that the information provided by Nalcor in the review is not detailed, complete or current enough to determine whether the Interconnected Option represents the least-cost option for the supply of power to Island Interconnected customers over the period of 2011-2067, as compared to the Isolated Island Option.

When independent institutions, like the PUB send out such warnings, as it has again respecting the state our power generation assets and the risk of further outages, we should listen and demand better from the Government - which is ultimately responsible.

When we ignore Agencies like the PUB, we diminish the role they play in the provision of not just good  but transparent governance. We ignore them at our own peril.

To Chairman and CEO Andy Wells, Vice-Chair Darlene Whelan, and Commissioners Dwanda Newman and James Oxford - hats off - a job well done!