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Thursday, 27 July 2017


(Urban Dictionary - Flunder: A repetitive nature to be a  _uck up.”)

The union of a flounder and a blunder is a flunder
(Flailing on the bottom in the mind):
Repeating same mistakes with no learning in the stunder;
Ferries and fisheries, roads, are all a kind. 

Politicians and bureaucrats, entrusted with the run d'er, 
Commit us to a fiscal future blind.
They dream of different outcome for the latest mega-wonder - 
Spend tax dough with no control assigned. 

Insanity’s in the Province when people do the funder; 
Come By Chance, Linerboard, and the Muskrat Boonder? 
Bourne in Trumpet-thunder to keep the jobs abunder, 
And often steeped in plunder - and no one cast asunder! 

John Tuach
Pynn's Brook

July 21, 2017f