Saturday, 11 August 2018

HEAT WARNING! (From the Bard)

(Alert issued by Environment Canada for Humber Valley, July 17, 2018)

The sun now shines in Newfoundland,
Two-months of summer is at hand
Where many move at winter times
To warm their bones in hotter climes -

As Humber Valley holds hot air
An alert is issued to take care.

It happens every summer -
‘Some muggy!’ and ‘some hot!’
In late July and August,
Nerves with thunder shot.

 And most embrace the heated blast.
What has changed from summers past?
You’d think they’d issue words of praise 
To thank the Gods that temp. has raised.

Heat warning! - stay cool, drink lots of water, 
People and pets out from your auto - 
Take breaks when working in outdoors - 
Environment Canada issues rules

The media blares potential harm
And causes public much alarm:
“The end is nigh” - the weather dire:
Too dry, too wet, too cold, too warm.

Frightening folks, that if perspire
From outdoor work, they might expire.
The warnings only serve to chill
Common sense that’s scarce to fill.

Their time could well be better spent
To issue warnings and alerts:
‘Hot Air’ on Confederation Hill
That raises cost-of-living bills.

John Tuach
Pynn’s Brook
July 18, 2018


  1. And to cool those hot and muggy days
    A minisplit, Adams says
    To help increase summer power loads
    The meter round and round it goes
    To counter winter declining loads
    By those to warmer climes do go

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