Thursday, 19 March 2020



Cruise lines, bus lines, train lines AIRLINES
Move us round like canned sardines.
They sit us down in tiny seats
With bodies bound, cheek to cheek
To share the air tween all throughout,
That circulates and mixes croup.

From house or hovel round the globe,
No screening, test, or health-state probe.
The people tour and incubate
As recycled air circulates
To share with you all they’ve got
From viruses to bowel rot.

There’s no escape of transport vapes -
Few deep-cleans or fumigates:
The holiday or getaway
Can leave you sick for days and days.
And now that Covid takes its toll
It’s time to change the cheap-seat troll.

The people’s future rolled as dice
As carriers boast the profits nice:
Move the folks and damn their health,
In pursuit of money - market wealth.
Capitalism dooms worst Covid-ail -
First, prove trippers whole and hale??

John Tuach
March 11, 2020